måndag 16 april 2012

Artikel, 1912: "Crowds Throng Bulletins" | New-York Tribune

För hundra år sedan stod det mycket om Titanic i de amerikanska tidningarna. Längst ner i en spalt i New-York Tribune, hittar jag följande korta text, som på ett målande och direkt sätt skapar en bild av hur det var på Broadway — på dagen för ett sekel sedan.

* * *

Reserves Called to Clear Broadway, Stunned by the News.

When the news of the Titanic's disaster was posted on the bulletin boards of newspaper offices along Broadway huge crowds gathered, and the police reserves were called to many spots to regulate the thousands who stretched themselves across the thoroughfare and blocked traffic.

As other bulletins were posted the crowds increased, and after the theatre performances hundreds of richly gowned women and their escorts joined the waiting throngs and eagerly read the news.

The terrible news seemed to stun Broadway, which, notwithstanding the tremendous crowds, was unusually quiet.

— New-York Tribune, tisdagen den 16 april 1912, sidan 4.

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